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Welcome to VadgeBadges! My name is Nemtaode and I am an artist based in Scotland. I started VadgeBadges in 2019, as I wanted to create a colourful and fun range of jewellery that would celebrate the female in form in all its shapes and sizes. I felt and still hope that wearing my pieces are a way of helping people feel proud of their bodies, and more importantly their Vadges. They are the most beautiful, unique and creative part of our bodies and deserve to be worshipped. Every single Vadge is different and belongs to a person with their own story. Vadgebadges is here to represent you and help you feel proud! 

Every piece in my collection is made from the highest quality materials sourced here in the uk. They are made to last and be worn over and over again. All my earrings are made with solid surgical steel hooks.



If you have a specific request or idea,

don't hesitate to ask me.


Thanks for submitting!

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Every Vadge Deserves A Badge!

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